Max Behr

Max Behr

Max Behr :: @behrography

Originally from Philadelphia, Max Behr is a 19-year-old multimedia student at Point Park University.

Max has been taking photos his whole life, from the point and shoots of his family had when they went on vacation to today with his DSLR. He has gone from just capturing everything he sees to trying to capture emotion and beauty in his images.

Max took this photo outside a store that had a neon sign that spelled the word “camera.” He thought it was neat because he was using a camera to take the photo.

“This means a lot because someone is finally recognizing my photography for more than likes.”

Max would like the thank everyone who made this journey possible including Gabe Sunderman, PhD, Nick Jones, Mr. Jon Hanks Sr., Ed, Noah Strackbein, Trent-Clifford Ree Jr., Todd Hanks and Kyle.