Kara Abbey

Kara Abbey :: @karabbey

Kara Abbey is a full-time wedding photographer, a wife and a mama. She’s also a professional ice cream eater, iced coffee drinker, reader and writer. She lives in Irwin, PA, where she was born and raised. Most of her days are spend playing princess dress-up, watching Daniel Tiger and playing hide-and-seek with her three year old. She dreams of the day that she can go back to Walt Disney World where she worked in 2009, but for now she’s anxiously awaiting the birth of her 2nd child (Who was actually born right before Kara’s photo was unveiled!).

Kara comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Her great-grandfather was a photographer and had a dark room in his basement. Her grandfather started a heating and cooling business that is still run by her family today. So starting her own business has been on the top of her dream list. When her grandparents bought her first nice digital camera she became obsessed with figuring out the settings. About a year later, she dove head first into photography by taking classes at Westmoreland County Community College, shadowing photographers and even interning at Walt Disney World. She learned quickly that capturing couples set her soul on fire, and she’s been serving brides and grooms with their engagement and wedding photography since 2013.

Kara’s photo feature’s her Black Lab, Abby. As part of her blog, she started a series called, “Abby’s Saturday,” where she would post a weekly photo of her dog. Some of the images have a theme, and since it was the holidays and she loves coffee, Kara decided to include a red Starbucks cup in an image with Abby. The cup is actually full of dog treats instead of coffee, which was the only way she could get her to look at the cup.

“I am so in awe of what Jason, Adam and Jason have done with the Captured::Pittsburgh Open Air Gallery and community. The vision and ideas they have overwhelming – talk about having a big dream and running with it to make it reality! This is the third time one of my images has been chosen to be featured in the Open Air Gallery, and I’m so humbled. There are so many incredible photographers in the Pittsburgh area – I am honored to be featured alongside so many of them and to have a place in the Captured::Pittsburgh community. It is seriously an incredible group of people and I consider it an immense privilege to be named among them.”

Kara would like to thank her grandparents and parents who originally planted the entrepreneur seeds in my heart – they gave her ideas tools, and belief that it was possible. But she would especially like to thank her husband, who put the wheels on her dream and gave it the shove out of the station. It was his idea to pull money from their savings and fund my dream. He put up with her workaholic tendencies and stress, and has always whole heartedly supported her as she continued to build her business. She would not be where she is without his encouragement every single day.