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Lukas Kosslow works a desk by day and a camera by night. He treasures football, food and family, even more so when all three comes together. Originally from Jefferson Hills, he recently got married to the love of his life, and they are now raising one hell of a dog.

Lukas became interested in photography through his hobby of firearms. He would be at the range and notice people taking photographs of range shoots. He started to follow firearm companies and admired the detail and intricacies of the photos they shared. Soon he was emulating them himself became quite adept at capturing a bullet as it left the barrel travelling 2,500 feet per second. This love of photography bred new ground, and he started to become interested in capturing cityscapes and showcasing the skyline of our beautiful city with his own style.

Lukas’s featured photo is unusual for him because he normally doesn’t use props, but he wanted to try something new. One day he was on the way home to decorate the Christmas tree when he decided to stop by the river and take a few photographs. He had brought the Steelers ornament, thinking it would bring something different to the scene as well as pay tribute to the Steelers. After taking the photograph, he had heard something in the brush, and it turned out to be a rabid raccoon. He quickly gathered his gear and hasn’t been back to that spot since.

“I am so grateful and appreciative for the opportunity to be showcased in the Captured::Pittsburgh Open Air Gallery. I am thankful such a gallery exists – one which takes amateur photographers and allows them to have a space in the city we find beautiful enough to take so many photographs of. It is the true essence of art, that works should be shown tangibly, which is sometimes lost in the current photography world of social media.”

 Lukas would like to thank his new wife for putting up with his long hours of editing, and re-editing  and editing once more for good measure, and for allowing his to set the alarm for 4am so that he can get downtime in time to capture the sunrise.