Kacie Bell

Kacie Bell :: @Kacies_Photographs

Kacie Bell is 24 years old and is from Elizabeth, PA. She’s had an interest in photography for years because her family has been in the photography business for several decades.She went to college for multimedia (videography) and had her internship with the Pittsburgh Penguins.She has also been at the same dance studio for 19 years, dancing for 18 and teaching for about 7.

Kacie’s dad is a photographer, so since she grew up around photography, she gained an interest in it at a young age.

Kacie’s photo was taken for a project when she was in college. There were different themes of photos that her class needed to capture, and this was for a “close up” theme. She added this photo to her Instagram after she had been browsing through old photos and decided to do some editing. She ended up really liking how it turned out!

“When I received the message that my photo had been chosen, I was so thrilled. I started jumping and ran to tell my parents. My teacher’s photo was chosen a few months ago, and that is how I came to know about Captured Pittsburgh. I think this organization is so great. Having a place to display the monthly selections, I think, is so special and a great way for local artists to have their work seen. I am very grateful to be given this opportunity.”

Kacie would like to thank her dad, for always inspiring her to want to do more photography when she sees his work. She feels it is nice to be able to go to him when she have questions or ideas.