Matt Meiers

Matt Meiers ::

Matt Meiers recently moved to Pittsburgh from the beach in Delaware. For him, photography was a way to help capture moments and memories, and it grew from there into many other things. For example, last year, he started a non-profit called So Many Angels, which takes photos of children battling cancer and transforms them into whatever they want to be when they grow up.

The subject of Matt’s work is Leo, who is the first child So Many Angels photographed at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. It’s special because they were connected to Leo by another non-profit called Cuddles for Kids. As a result of this collaboration, Matt hopes to team up with Children’s and Cuddles for Kids for some pretty incredible things in the future.

It means that hopefully more people will become aware of our mission at So Many Angels.  I hope it connects us to more families that we can serve with what we do.

Matt feels he gets inspiration from everywhere, and would love to single out one person, but for him there have been so many.  Every photography conference and class he’s attended has helped in some way get him to where his is today. He also feels that none of this would happen without the support of his wife. Lastly, for this particular work, he would especially like to thank Mickey Webster for his editing skills, as he knocked out of the park on Leo’s photo.