Marek Hajn

Marek Hajn ::

Marek Hajn is originally from the Czech Republic and moved to Pittsburgh in 2014. He is a husband and a father of two boys (6 and 3 years old) and works as the  Vice President and COO of the IT-CNS, Inc., a Pittsburgh based IT company focused on cybersecurity and business consulting.

Marek started taking photos when he was a teenager, but has always had a passion for photography. Most likely, he got it from his father who, in his opinion, is a great photographer. When his first son was born, he stopped pursuing photography simply because he didn’t have much time to pursue a hobby. However, he slowly got back to making photos, first through the lenses of many generations of iPhones and finally within the last year with a mirrorless Fujifilm camera. Now he’s back to shooting wherever and whenever he can because he simply loves it.

Marek took his photo right after Christmas 2018. His wife and kids were at a birthday party, and since it was sunny Sunday afternoon, he took his camera to downtown Pittsburgh. Although this shot was one of many that he took that afternoon, he felt it was somehow special. He thinks when you look at the photo for a while and let your thoughts flow, it has a special atmosphere. That is what he loves most about photography – it lets your imagination work. He thinks about himself as a storyteller who doesn’t tell you the whole story. He provides you with the visual part of it, and the rest is up to you and your imagination.

“It means a lot to me. I’ve never thought that one of my photos would be chosen for any type of a display or gallery show. And it’s happening now. I’ve been contacted by other people and agencies willing to feature or showcase my photos.”

Marek would like to thank his wife and two boys who have been incredibly patient and supporting.

He would also like to thank his father, who somehow got him into photography and taught him the basics that were so important.