Mike Kutilek

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Mike Kutilek is a software engineer by day and a photographer by night, and sometimes very early in the day. He is a proud resident of the Shadyside community of Pittsburgh, where he shares an apartment with his girlfriend, Courtney, and dog,Toby. He enjoys getting an early start on the day and grabbing his camera to go shoot the sunrise when the weather’s good. He’s a reader, runner, sports watcher, Marvel fanatic and yinzer at heart. He enjoys travelling, and is always up for an adventure.

Mike has always appreciated the beauty of photography, but after living in Pittsburgh for so long, it became obvious to him that it’s an inspiring, photogenic city. He started taking professional photos in 2017, and the first sunrise he ever went out to shoot was a day in January when the city was engulfed in fog.

Mike is glad that this photograph was selected because he feels that it is more special than most of the cityscapes that he takes. The woman in the photo is his girlfriend, Courtney, who is standing in the rain in front of Heinz Chapel in Oakland and holding a red umbrella that complements the big read chapel doors perfectly. They hadn’t intended to turn the night into a photoshoot, but had been walking around the Cathedral of Learning to enjoy the holiday decorations. They stood in the rain snapping photos for about 20 minutes. Mike had never had so much fun in the rain.

“This opportunity is one of the best I’ve ever had to promote my work. I’m very grateful and thrilled to be selected.

Mike would like to thank his girlfriend Courtney and the constant adventure she provides. He’d also like to thank his parents for always supporting his hobby.