Morgan Meese

Morgan Meese :: @Mo.Meese

Morgan Meese unabashedly thinks that Pittsburgh is the greatest. She was born and raised here, went to college here (Hail to Pitt!) and, after a brief exodus to the south, is back home in the Burgh. She’s the person who’s taking too many pictures of her food, the person that stops in the middle of the sidewalk to photograph a mural, the person who thinks even the undersides of bridges are beautiful. She always gives too long an answer to any Pittsburgh question, and she absolutely has suggestions about where you should eat. She loves nothing more than exploring her city and taking pictures is how she shares those adventures with her friends and neighbors.

Growing up, Morgan’s dad was always the guy crouched precariously on a rock to get the perfect shot on every family vacation (and he still is). Watching him, she learned to look at the details of the world around her and to appreciate them as something worthy of her attention. Pittsburgh is her favorite place, and she is constantly finding new things about it to love. She started taking pictures of the things that caught her eye, made her smile, or caused her to think, “Yeah, that’s Pittsburgh.” She’s definitely still learning, and learning on the fly, but it brings her so much joy to try to capture the little bits of her city that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Morgan’s photo is a great example of the beautiful things about Pittsburgh that we pass so often they become background information. It’s a mural by Brian Holderman called, “Yesterday’s Tomorrow,” and it’s one of her favorites in the city. She passes it a least once a week. The colors are so bright and exciting in an otherwise neutral setting. The theme of the mural, transportation, is also one of my passions/pet peeves about Pittsburgh. A city as vibrant and forward-looking as ours, deserves a variety of reliable public transportation options extending out to the metro area where many of its citizens live, work and play. Expanding the train system, especially, to serve communities to the north, and down the Ohio and Allegheny Rivers is among my favorite soap box topics.

“I am so honored and pleased to be included in this gallery. The imposter syndrome is real for me – I snap pictures for fun and have never considered myself a “photographer.” To have one of my pictures included among such beautiful, thoughtful photographs is beyond flattering and inspiring. I’m so glad to be a part of the Captured Pittsburgh community and I hope to grow through studying the example of these talented artists.”

Morgan would like to thank her husband and best friend, Max, for patiently waiting to eat his food while she takes a million pictures of the table, pausing a thousand times on any walk through town while she takes “just one quick picture”, always supporting her in everything she does. He’s the best person – period. She would also like to thank her dad for his photographer’s eye, her mom for her unceasing belief in her, and her mother and father-in-law for always being up for a Pittsburgh adventure.