Roy Mccarthy

Rory McCarthy :: @AnyoneCanTakeAPicture

Rory McCarthy is an anthropologist, a father of two, and an amateur photographer, in no particular order. He moved to Pittsburgh 15 years ago to start graduate school, and never left. He currently works in qualitative health care research and spends some of his free time with his camera in hand.

Rory first picked up a camera in the 8th grade for a photography class in middle school. But that was short lived, and by 9th grade he had moved on to other things. He came back to photography about four years ago, when I got my first smartphone, and downloaded Instagram. He graduated to using a “real” camera two summers ago and has been exploring most forms of photography ever since.

Rory’s selected photo typifies for him the way photography becomes a way of seeing the world. He had been downtown for a meet up and holiday party. He had used his camera all night and was riding the bus home with it stowed away in a  bag. He was the only one in the bus at this point and liked how the red lights of the route sign were lighting up the interior of the bus, while the bright yellow paint was acting as a contrast. He snapped this with his phone because it was handy and liked the results. He wanted to make the point that while riding the bus is a fairly mundane activity, it is also one that can be seen through an imaginary lens, one where the elements of photography become a window into the world around us. He was not looking for this picture. The picture found him.

“This is the third time I have had a picture selected for this gallery, and it still feels amazing and unlikely to me. I never set out to get my photos hung anywhere, and it is great honor when someone says they think they is worthy. Thank you, really.”

Rory’s biggest thanks go out to his partner, Lauren, who has been incredibly encouraging and supportive of my interests in photography, and to the rest of his family, who tolerate his pointing a camera at them more than is normal. He also thinks that the creative community in Pittsburgh deserves a collective shout out. Rory believes that there are so many organizations, groups, and individuals that support individual creatives, and it is really a pleasure to get to feel a part of something so positive.