Burghers Gallery 4 – ASMP Pittsburgh

BURGHERS – There are many things that make a great city. For some it’s the food, jobs, landscape, buildings, or possibly a sports team. For us we believe that what makes Pittsburgh so great is the people. “Burghers” is a photography project by Pittsburgh ASMP that celebrates what it means to be a citizen of this region. Whether they are working, playing, studying, putting out folding chairs for a parking spot, eating a hoagie, or cheering on the “Stillers”, we are glad to call these people our neighbors.

“I’m just a small town mid-western guy, trying to make a living in the big city,” is Aaron Plitts response to who he is.  Simple words for someone who started as a welder/metal cutter on his uncles scrap yard and now is the Vice President of TMS Internationals Pittsburgh Region.  Plitt buys and sells scrap metal to be recycled into new steel and always likes to point out which barge is full of “his” scrap on the Monongahela or Ohio River.  In the TMS scrap yard you’ll find fragments of cars, fridges, buildings or rail cars piled high like the rolling hills that surrounds it.  His hard work and kind personality showcases what it means to be a person who lives in the Steel City.

ASMP Photographer – Elliot Cramer – @ecramerphoto

Not all burgers are gourmet burgers, you can find a real Pittsburgher in a greasy spoon or Northside dive.

Meet Ron , a.k.a. Skizzy, a.k.a. Shorty, born and raised on the north side of Pittsburgh and quite often he could have been found sweeping up and mopping up those northside establishments
Now in his 70s he is battling cancer in the right jaw, following the loss of his leg due to vascular disease. The object he is looking through on the second photo is the mask that he wore for 37 consecutive radiation treatment.

Although this burger may leave a bad taste in your mouth sometimes, his record of fighting, and battling back shows one of the tougher and in his own way, courageous sides of the people of this city.

ASMP Photographer – Archie Carpenter – www.photosbyacarpenter,net

It’s the end of an era for auto repair in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. DiVito’s Gulf Station owner Bobby DiVito, at right, and his mechanic Jimmy Vernocy will close up shop at the station located along 5th Avenue at Ferree Street for the final time on June 15. DiVito has operated the service station on the corner of 5th and Ferree for 32 years. When asked why close now, the answer was simple, “It’s time” said DiVito.

ASMP Photographer – Christopher Rolinson – @christopher_rolinson

Nick utilizes classical and wholistic methods in “putting the brakes on ageing and disease.”
He works with members of the Penguins & Steelers, a golf pro, and has a number of elderly clients.

ASMP Photographer – Jim Judkis – www.jimjudkis.com

In a dramatic career change, Lou Wagner said goodbye to 30 years as a corporate attorney to co-found a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Western Pennsylvania. He was hoping to create a better and more lasting solution for the terrific people he had witnessed struggle to overcome addiction. In October 2015, Spirit Life opened in Indiana County, and it has now served over 3,000 individuals with a faith based Christian philosophy. Expansion plans are now underway.

ASMP Photographer – Cathy Kelly – @cathykellyphotography

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