Open Air Photography Gallery

One of CAPTURED::PITTSBURGH’s goals are to help beautify the city of Pittsburgh while featuring photography and art from local artists in the form of public art displays. Currently our Open-Air public photography galleries are transforming otherwise nondescript, empty spaces in the city into galleries of vibrant, creative, eye-catching photographs. These gallery spaces located throughout Pittsburgh assist CAPTURED::PITTSBURGH in connecting with the community and promoting photography.

Has anyone ever told you that you should print and display a picture that you have taken?
We are confident that at some point in everyone’s life they capture a moment that they are proud of. We believe everyone captures a moment that someone else will tell you that your photograph should be in a gallery. Have you ever dreamed of displaying a photograph you have taken? Captured::Pittsburgh makes it possible for everyday community members like you to have that once in a lifetime opportunity to have their photograph displayed in a real life art gallery. By having an open submission process utilizing social media anyone that has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account can participate for free. This process of inclusion allows everyone to participate and has built us a community of followers over 2000 people and growing. Currently each month we select 8 new community members to be included in the gallery located in Shadyside.


beforeBefore: Neglected and Unsafe Park Area

During the first stage of this project we partnered with the University of Pittsburgh for “Pitt Make a Difference Day” to do an initial clean-up of the space. The students assisted us with the process of cutting back vegetation, pulling weeds, pressure washing the walkway, scrubbing the benches, and installing the cable system for the display. This generous donation of time and man power made a tremendous difference in the location. The park is now a safe and useable area.

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University of Pittsburgh students assisting in cleaning the gallery space

In addition to the cleaning the park, making it safer for the public and giving users a place to relax and socialize we wanted to make the location unique. We gave the spot something that engages the mind, promotes good mental health and helps district participants from their daily stress while they are in the space. To do so we installed Pittsburgh’s first Open-Air Public Photography Gallery.

The space currently has eight new photographs printed and installed each month to engage the audience that visit the space. These prints are produced on 30”x33” aluminum panels; are weather resistant and gallery quality. The prints are hung on a cable system and appear to float in the air within the space. The prints help engage the participants’ minds with vibrant colors and beautiful photographs taken from in and around Pittsburgh. Each month the gallery has a different theme that is used to encourage participation by the public.

Photography for the gallery is submitted via social media. This process allow everyone to have the opportunity to participate in the gallery. By posting a picture to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #capturedpgh anyone can submit a photograph for consideration. The community involvement to date had been amazing with over 20,000 submissions within the first year from all over the city. As awareness grows we expect to have over 2,000 submissions a month. This method of participation helped bring ownership of the gallery back to the residents of Pittsburgh.

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Post clean-up and sample piece of art hanging in the space